Posted On: 06/24/21 10:45 AM

The second day of Nationals often allows the big competitors to separate themselves from the pack. I think we’re starting to see that.

Day two is also an opportunity to settle in. The grand stage that Nationals presents can be intimidating, and some teams need a while to get into their groove. We’ll be looking at squads that fit this description, too.

So, let’s take another tour around the field of Nebraska teams as the second day of competition wraps up.


VCN Keeps Winning

VCNebraska has a handful of teams entered in 15s and 17s, and it’s been a lot of success across the board.

In 17 Open, VCN 17 Elite clawed to a 2-1 record in an ultra-competitive pool featuring Michigan Elite, Club V, and Idaho Crush. It was a scrappy group in which none of the four teams emerged winless or undefeated.

I remain very impressed by the offense of this VCN team. It’s an attack largely led by the setter, Ellie Baumert Ellie Baumert 6'1" | S Malcolm | 2022 State #159 Nation NE . Baumert’s tremendous range allows her hitters to tee off against favorable blocks. Back-to-back winning records in the first two days of the tournament put 17 Elite in a good spot to make

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