Posted On: 07/15/21 5:12 PM

Another position recap is on the way. Let’s talk about some middle blockers!

It was actually quite a common sight to see middle blockers take over matches throughout the club season. Middles naturally want to make the most of their trips across the front row, and I saw a lot of players who consistently did just that. These frontcourt experts mix in a variety of skills to their game. They can also become unstoppable forces on offense or defense, which makes their presence invaluable to a team’s success.

Let’s take a trip back through time and relive some of the best middle blocker moments of the 2021 club season.


Impact 2024s

This region is full of middles from the Class of 2024 that are set to dominate the prep scene for years to come.

One good example is Mia Tvrdy Mia Tvrdy 5'8" | MB Ralston | 2024 State NE . I’ve previously discussed this middle blocker’s ability to crack the ball to the floor on her one-footed attacks behind the setter. Tvrdy is one of the most reliable 2024s I’ve seen in two-hitter rotations, and her future development will certainly be fun to watch.