Posted On: 07/14/21 6:57 PM

The Brackets are DONE!

Before throwing stones and coming into tomorrow with flames, here is how we determined the matchups for Day 2. 
Day 1 Results (Kind of) 
We took into consideration day one results of how teams finished in their pool but also had an “Eye Test”.  We know that teams are getting in the swing of things for their summer, and many are playing new positions, new players, and starting to find their groove.  Others are picking up without missing a beat from a successful 2020 campaign.  We took into account the Day 1 results, but also the level of competition played against. 
Avoiding Conference Teams/Typical Opponents
I said from the beginning we want to avoid teams that are going to see each other multiple times in a season and even in a summer league.  I know we might not have gotten it 100%, but we did our best to mix up matchups and get teams to see new faces.  
Thursday – Best 2 out of 3 
We are playing straight up best 2 out of 3 with set three going to 15, win by two like you would during a tournament during the season.  We will let the officials and teams dictate how much time they need between matches. 

The Names of the Brackets
I have Olympic Fever and hoping it’s contagious.  We have named our brackets after Olympians who will be representing Team USA in Volleyball at the Tokyo Games in a couple of weeks. 

We have literally hundreds of pictures on our Prep Dig Facebook page taken by our scouts Breit Nelson and Rachel Kass.  Feel free to use the hashtag #PDSizzle so we can get that shared as well!  Take plenty of pictures this final day! 

Scorekeepers and LINE JUDGES

Scorekeepers have been rocking it, but for bracket play we would really prefer teams to provide a linejudge for all matches! 
Our Coverage! 
We have been tweeting plenty and also taking pictures of top performers throughout the day (and yesterday for JV as well).  

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