Posted On: 07/31/21 9:45 PM

We are proud to announce that we will begin updating all of the Graduating Classes starting on Aug 16th with the Class off 2022.  We will then update the 2023 Class on Aug 23rd followed by the 2024 Class on Aug 30th.  We are super excited about this update as there are new players ranked and also there has been some movement on each class with further analysis of each player. We saw quite a bit in person at Nationals and tons of player, coaches, and parents have been updating us on latest highlight videos.  I have spoken to tons of college coaches on a lot of these players to get their takes on them as well.  The 2025 class will be updated at our next update after the high school season is complete so we can get more information on all of the freshman that are going to burst onto the scene at the high school level this year. 


Here are a few ways you can help us help each athlete get the best exposure possible.  Tell your favorite athlete(s) to:


  • Keep their athletic recruiting profiles as updated as possible with heights, club affiliations, contact info, etc
  • Produce video content to keep fresh eyes on your play (it doesn’t have to be the best looking…just as long as it showcases them)
  • Send us emails to give us stats for the week or tell us any awards earned
  • Tag us on social media on any game updates, scores, awards, commitments (Twitter: @PrepDigTX or myself @CoachMikeDZ or on Facebook)
  • DM us on social media for any updates
  • Share each other’s stories, posts, tweets and create a wonderful community who helps each other get seen.


We are here to help in any way we can.  I speak to college coaches weekly about players in all levels and am extremely approachable whether in person at matches or through the phone or email.  I love the coaches, trainers, parents, and other fans of players that have reached out since we rolled out our publication to help their favorite players get more exposure.  This company is truly here to help all of the wonderful players get help in achieving their dreams of playing at the next level.  We love covering this amazing sport.  Don’t be afraid to communicate with us about all of your favorite players.  Please help us fill all of the classes with more talented players.


As always stay tuned for more articles on your favorite athletes.  If you have anyone you think we should watch out for, please shoot me an email with some info at  Also don’t forget to help these kids get more exposure by sharing our stories with your friends.  Help us help them by simply retweeting on Twitter or sharing on Facebook.  Thanks for following us, Prep Dig Texas Family! Don’t be afraid to interact with us. We love the likes, shares, and quotes/comments.  Keep them coming!