Posted On: 08/31/21 1:23 PM

As we are moving into the second week of the beginning of the season, I am going to take a dive into our middle hitters and their talents that are bringing light when they step onto the court.

Middle hitters are just as important as the outside hitters and carry a similar, yet different set of skills when it comes to offensively playing and moving the ball well. 

Paiton Lareau- Donovan High School

Standing a 5’8", the junior MH, is currently leading Illinois in total blocks for this season as we move into the second week of the 21-22 season. Lareau currently leads with 28 blocks and is starting her season off with a relatively strong season, when it comes to her statistics. Laraeu is definitely still a developing athlete that has potential of rising into the elite athlete that she has the ability to do. Lareau has managed to progressively advance as an athlete throughout her career and that is the growth I am interested in when it comes to athletes and their overall progression. Lareau is going to be an athlete to continue watching this season. 

Livia Tate Livia Tate MB University | 2022 IL - Normal University High School 

Tate stands at 5’11"and

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