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Posted On: 09/14/21 6:16 PM

It is now my great pleasure to introduce you to our 2024 Prep Dig Oklahoma State Rankings.  We are proud to say that we have 35 of the best players in the 2024 graduating class. It is absolutely our pleasure to bring this to you in our wonderful and large state. 


The 2024 Class took us a little bit longer to analyze as we thought it would, but after hours and hours of analyzing, we are ready to unveil them.  The 2024’s are some that we are really proud of as we have watched them all club season as they were finely tuning their skills to hopefully play at the next level in college.  In the coming days and weeks we are going to introduce you to new athletes that have been ranked by us as being the best in the state.  We are super excited to bring this to you and we look forward to publishing more articles on these wonderful athletes.   


We love what we do and are always looking to learn more about the athletes we currently have on our list and also ones that aren’t on it yet.  The best way for me to learn is for you to talk to me about them.  I love interacting with our readers.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with information. I have tons of players who message me and keep me updated with new information on their seasons and training. We hope you are enjoying our website. Thank you for reading!


Click Here for the 2024 Oklahoma State Rankings.


I often get asked what goes into the ranking process. Well here is how I am going about it.  I stay connected to the volleyball scene as much as I can.  We speak to hundreds of club and high school coaches, club directors, and college coaches across the entire state to gather as much information as possible on each athlete.  We study tournaments entered and tournament finishes.  We study high schools, preseason lists, and awards given to athletes from the state of Oklahoma high school systems, coaches associations and club awards. We have been watching a lot of awesome club volleyball tournaments in person and also have been watching hours of game footage and highlight reels as possible.  The more you film have online, the better the research and analyzing of skills I can do to make the ranking as accurate as I can.  You are more than welcome to tag us on social media or send us emails with updates to your film.  It is also a great idea to keep updating it so that you can keep getting more exposure to college coaches.  They are watching too.


The other question I get often from parents and players is “Is it 100 accurate?”.  The short answer is no.  However, we are putting a lot of hours and hard work into trying to get it as accurate as we can.  With over 20 years of analyzing players and college recruiting experience and understanding that we must take multiple things into consideration, has allowed me to be content with how we are going about it.  While we know that it is not an exact science, we are very confident in the hard work that is going into analyzing each player and the overall ranking process. 


We hope you are as excited as we are about our coverage of the wonderful Sooner state volleyball players. We super excited to introduce the top 35 players in the entire state of Oklahoma in the 2024 class.  These young ladies have earned the right to be called one of the state’s best.  Please congratulate them on their accomplishment. 


Stay tuned for more articles on your favorite athletes.  If you have anyone you think we should watch out for, please shoot me an email with some info at  Also don’t forget to help these kids get more exposure by sharing our stories with your friends.  Help us help them by simply retweeting on Twitter or sharing on Facebook.  Thanks for following Oklahoma Family!