Posted On: 09/28/21 3:23 PM

I have had to opportunity to explore some of the athletes and their accomplishments on the court this week. I took the time to take a deeper look into five setters that have caught my attention with their accomplishments and the fire they bring out onto the court.


Ella Strausberger- Plainfield North High School

We are on a roll when it comes to taking a deep dive at these setters that are killing it this week. Strausberger stands at 5’10” and boy is she a outstanding setter. Strausberger currently is leading the state with the greatest number of assists and that proves her contribution on the court. She currently has been seen in 52 sets and currently averages 10.5 assists per set as she sits at 545 assists this season. Strausberger moves across the court well and is always there to assist her team when needed and has a great eye for the ball. She is without a doubt a rising elite athlete between her work ethic and her ability to come out on the floor and make a name for herself.


Juju Mize- Decatur Lutheran High School

Mize is another setter that is an outstanding athlete when

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