Posted On: 09/3/21 12:03 AM

Illinois volleyball is back and currently underway for the 2021-2022 season, and so far we are seeing some good talent that is both new on the court and returning.

First look into the first week of teams getting back onto the court after a weird year in COVID, and they are coming full force making a name for themselves.

Mia Doorn- OH/Illiana Christian

Doorn is not a name that is new on the court and Doorn has made sure that she comes out on fire. Doorn has been seen in 34 sets and is currently leading the pack in Illinois with 122 kills for the season. That is impressive considering the first week reports and she never fails to come out on the court and make kill for kill. Doorn continues to show herself on the court and continues to rise to being an elite athlete. 

Alexa Miedema- OH/Illiana Christian

Miedema is a new face to the court, as she is one of the few freshman starting on varsity. Miedema has been a starter in the 34 sets that she has been seen in and falls in second in kills, with 62 kills. Miedema is

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