Posted On: 10/27/21 11:39 AM

The 2021 High School season has been amazing so far!  Along with our readers, we have been on pins and needles watching teams battle all season long.  There have been some amazing tournaments and great district battles.  We have been talking to coaches, reading tons of stats, and getting lots of video submissions from parents and players regarding how everyone has fared over the course of the season.  As we just completed the end of the season, we will be discussing some players who are being nominated for our inaugural Prep Dig Oklahoma All-State Awards. 


Our end-of-season awards are going to be different than other organizations because we are going to consider all divisions/conferences/classes together and pick the best of the best in each grad class.  The Awards will be chosen by the end of next week and will be unveiled on October 30th. The following players we will be discussing have been tearing it up and proving themselves all season long with some amazing statistics. Let’s meet ten of the class of 2023 nominees in this first article of the series:


Katie Kolar Katie Kolar 5'3" | S Norman North | 2023 State OK [2023] 5-9 Setter (HS: Norman North/Club: Oklahoma Charge/Verbal: Uncommitted)


Riley Roberts Riley Roberts 5'10" | S Norman North | 2023 State OK [2023] 5-10 Setter (Norman North/UPVBC/Uncommitted)


Kaylie Marshall Kaylie Marshall 5'10" | OH Piedmont | 2023 State OK [2023] 5-10 Left Side (HS: Piedmont/Club: Oklahoma Peak Performance/Verbal: Uncommitted)


Megan Roy Megan Roy 5'10" | MB Bishop Kelley | 2023 State OK [2023] 5-10 Middle (HS: Bishop Kelley/Club: Oklahoma Peak Performance/Verbal: Uncommitted)


Abigail Gray Abigail Gray 5'9" | OH Norman North | 2023 State OK [2023] 5-9 Left Side (HS: Norman North/Club: Oklahoma Peak Performance/Verbal: Uncommitted)


Kady Hansen Kady Hansen 6'3" | MB OKC Storm | 2023 State OK [2023] 6-3 Middle (HS: OKC Storm/Club: Oklahoma Charge/Verbal: Uncommitted)


Haylee Harris Haylee Harris 5'5" | DS/L Deer Creek | 2023 State OK [2023] 5-4 Libero (HS: Deer Creek/Club: Oklahoma Charge/Verbal: Uncommitted)


  Noelle Prideaux Noelle Prideaux 5'10" | RS Jenks | 2023 State OK [2023] 5-10 Right Side (HS: Jenks/Club: UPVBC/Verbal: Uncommitted)


Camryn Farley Camryn Farley 5'11" | MB Stillwater | 2023 State OK [2023] 5-11 Middle (HS: Stillwater/Club: Club ONE/Verbal: Uncommitted)


Olivia Vance Olivia Vance 5'10" | OH Bixby | 2023 State OK [2023] 5-10 Outside (HS: Norman North/Club: UPVBC/Verbal: Uncommitted)


These are the first ten nominees.  We will be unveiling more players who are in the running for All-State Awards for the rest of the month.  Please help us congratulate these players for being nominated due to their play on the court this season.


Stay tuned for more articles on your favorite athletes.  If you have anyone you think we should watch out for, please shoot me an email with some info on them at  Also don’t forget to help these kids get more exposure by sharing our stories with your friends.  Help us help them by simply retweeting on Twitter or sharing on Facebook.  Thanks for following Oklahoma Family!