Posted On: 10/25/21 1:20 PM

Each positional breakdown has its own set of talents and strengths needed to be successful on the court.

Let's look at our Defensive Specialist. DS and Libero's tend to share the same positions, however, I am going to focus strictly on our top Illinois defensive specialist.

Adalyn Gower- Massac County High School

Gower is without a doubt a beast on the court and she does not fail to make that known. The sophomore is a very quick and determined defensive player when it comes to her talents meeting the face of the ball. Gower is the leading athlete with the most digs this season and lets me honest, she is killing it on the court. Gower leads with 524 digs this season and is a high averaged DS on the floor. She's very attentive on the court, moves swiftly and defends her territory. Gower has a moving work ethic on the court and reflects the definition of a tough and gritty DS.

Libby Conkle- Massac County High School

Conkle is another rising talent that marks her territory on the court. Pushing her season with 394 digs this season, the sophomore continues to pocket these defensive achievements in her back

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