Posted On: 10/12/21 11:19 AM

So this is what high school volleyball should look like?  These sophomores started their high school careers with plenty of regulations when it came to Covid-19 protocols affecting parents attending, student sections gathering in the masses, and for some an abbreviated season or alternate season.  I have been to some of the top tournaments in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana (with Beast of the East in Michigan coming up this weekend).  Here are some of the top Class of 2024’s I have seen LIVE, in person and can provide an accurate read on who these players are and where they are trending. 

Photo: Chris Fitzgerlad Prep Dig

Anna Bjork Anna Bjork 6'3" | MB Oconomowoc | 2024 State WI - Oconcomowoc (WI) 

Bjork’s athleticism and physicality out of the middle is something special to watch.  She has a fast, high arm snap that makes her hitting efficiency extremely high.  When she hits it square, its a kill.  Her ability to go from pin to pin is tough to top where she gets planted, giving her a chance to really get her hands across the net.  She’s had top tier USA training, plays for the

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