Posted On: 11/17/21 12:24 PM

The Class of 2022 Illinois Rankings are UPDATED! 

What goes into a ranking?  This all comes down to how athletes perform at the highest level of competition.  We value the live eye, input from coaches across the state, writers across our network, and we still know that the process of our rankings is still a process that we continue to look to improve.  With the 2022’s updated we will move on down to the 2023’s and then convert out 2024 class to rankings where they are now a watchlist.  We will be on the road seeing these teams in multiple settings.  We know rankings can get sensitive. At Prep Dig we want our rankings to be a resource for college coaches where they can see athletes who can play across all levels collegiately and note where they are committed and where they are playing club (if you need to update your club, position, or height contact We could debate all day on who should be ranked where, we know it’s subjective, but we pride in ourselves in being one of the few volleyball resources that benefit that top tier college

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