Posted On: 12/30/21 11:49 PM

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Moving into the club season, we dive into some of the club rankings with the looks of how teams looked last season. Between their different ages groups and the different skill sets that follow with.

1st Alliance Volleyball Club

1st Alliance Volleyball Club, located in Woodridge, Illinois, has some of the top athletes in the state and continues to groom and develop some of the best athletes. The volleyball club currently sits #3rd in the nation when it comes to pushing out some of the top Division 1 athletes and continues to do so over the last 10 years. The volleyball club averages about 25 athletes sent to Division 1/2 schools and continues to thrive for their athletes. 

Some of their class of 2022 that we have managed to watch and successfully make to D1 are:

Chelsea Thrope- OH/ Ohio State

Thrope is and continues to develop as an elite athlete and watching her make it to the D1 level is exciting. Thrope has a strong and powerful swing and is a very key component when she is out on the court. Between her physical  strengths and mental stability, I  wish the best of luck to

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