Posted On: 06/10/22 1:08 PM

I do not watch a lot of 14s, actually I don’t watch any 14s until maybe the summer prior to their Freshman season.  That’s why it is really exciting to see the 15s take the court because there are so many new names to get to know.  As I reflect on the 2022 club season, there are a lot of athletes who made a big first impression for me.  Obviously these athletes make an impact with their play, but they also interact with their teammates well, and have a dynamic skill set when it comes to how they make their impact.  Did I notice more than just these names I listed below?  Of course.  There will be more to come as we build up to national tournaments in Orlando and Indianapolis.  Here are some 15s who made a major first impression. 


Karlie Molnau - MKE Sting 15 Gold

This might not be all based on a first impression for Molnau, but this goes back to the D3 state championship match in Wisconsin and the Prep Dig Top 250 last November. Molnau is a middle blocker for MKE Sting 15 Gold.  The name to her game

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