Blaine Spencer

A sports journalist in his first year writing for Prep Network. He covers volleyball for Prep Dig and basketball for Prep Hoops. Blaine has been a sports journalist at multiple pristine companies and has a keen eye on sports talent. He has experience being a coach and a referee for different sports. Sports journalism is his passion and he enjoys bringing light to these athletes. Inquiries:; Twitter: blainespencer2

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Sara LiVecchi

Sara is in her first year writing for PrepDig. She's been playing volleyball all of her life, and now gives back to the sport she loves by coaching and writing. She coaches at both the high school and club levels and is an active proponent for holistic youth development. Having lived in New Jersey almost her whole life, she is thrilled to help elevate NJ volleyball and put its athletes on the map with the rest of the country.

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