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What Our Fans Say

Amy M.

Volleyball Parent

From a parent who has had girls in the sports world for a while...I am loving Prep Dig and reading all about what is up and coming in the world of girls volleyball. Well done!

Phong L.

High School Head Coach, Club Coach

Kudos to Prep Dig for such great writing. I’m always skeptical when I read volleyball-related articles, because they’re usually very superficial and don’t delve into the nuances of the game. Prep Dig certainly did not disappoint. Your volleyball background definitely showed and it is very refreshing to read.

Kim M.

Volleyball Parent

It's always fun to see stories about our daughter/team, however, we also enjoy reading about all the athletes. Thank you for all you do to promote volleyball and the athletes!

NCAA Division III Head Coach

College Coach

I immediately signed up for Prep Dig coverage across the state. They do an unbelievable job of giving you the most up to date information to allow college coaches to find the right type of student-athlete for their program.

NCAA Division III Head Coach

College Coach

As current NCAA D3 coach, current club director, and former high school coach, I would argue no other organization does a better job covering prep volleyball in the Midwest.