Posted On: 09/2/15 7:35 PM

Below is the Nebraska Prep Volleyball player rankings for the Class of 2018. 

In Nebraska, we are blessed with tremendously talented high school volleyball players. This list is meant to be a celebration of that.  Nebraska is second in the nation in the number of Division I volleyball players it produces on a per-capita basis. As a whole, roughly 100-plus high school volleyball players in Nebraska go on to play in college each year.

If you are on the list, congratulations; if you are not on the list, please do not take it as an insult. It does not mean you are not viewed as talented and a vital member of your team. Not every player can make the list, and certainly there will be players who are not on this list that have great high school careers and even some that go on to play in college.  Just because you are not on this list right now does not mean you won’t be by the time you graduate.

The player rankings will be released roughly every summer.  

***Players listed alphabetically***

Player, School, Club (if known), Height, Position, Commitment (if known)

*-Updated June 2, 2017


Kate Bilyeu, Omaha Marian (Nebraska Elite), 6-foot, OH, UMass-Lowell

Melanie Brecka, Lincoln Southeast (Nebraska ONE), 6-foot, MH/OH, University of Missouri-Kansas City 

Ashley Bush, Millard West (Premier), 6-foot, OH, Uncommitted 

Averey Dolliver, Lincoln Christian (Nebraska ONE), 5-foot-10, OH, Sioux Falls

Taliyah Flores, Papillion-LaVista South (Premier), 5-foot-8, OH, North Dakota 

Lily Heim, Omaha Marian (Nebraska Juniors), 6-foot, setter/RS, SMU

Julianna Kalil, Omaha Duchesne (Nebraska Elite), 5-foot-9, OH, Uncommitted 

Emily Krolikowski, Centura (South Central VBC), 5-foot-11, OH/MH, Hastings College    

Ellie Lammers, Omaha Duchesne (Premier), 5-foot-7, DS, Uncommitted 

Kristin Lux, North Bend (Nebraska Juniors), 6-foot-1, MH, Uncommitted  

Taylor Hageman, Grand Island Northwest (GI Vikes), 5-foot-10, OH, Uncommitted   

Riley Marshall, Fort Calhoun (Nebraska Elite), 6-foot, MH, Omaha 

Sami Mauch, North Platte (Flatrock), 5-foot-10, OH, Uncommitted 

Tayrn Mayfield, Grand Island Northwest, 5-foot-10, OH/MH, Uncommitted 

Halle Meister, Omaha Roncalli (Nebraska Juniors), 6-foot, OH/MH, Washburn University 

Maggie Mullen, Omaha Marian (Nebraska Elite), 5-foot-6, DS/libero, Louisville 

Kamryn Pullen, Omaha North (Nebraska Elite), 6-foot-3, OH/MH, Uncommitted  

Peyton Schendt, Papillion-LaVista South (Performance VBC), 6-foot, OH, Army 

Sabrina Starks, Platteview (Club Legacy), 6-foot-2, MH, Pittsburgh 

Taylor Skiles, Ralston (Premier), 6-foot, OH, Emporia State 

Bailee Sterling, Kearney (Nebraska ONE), 5-foot-9, OH, Northern Colorado 

Rachel Walker, Lincoln Southwest (VCNebraska), 5-foot-9, setter, Wayne State

Maddie Wiedenfeld, Omaha Marian (Nebraska Elite), 6-foot-3, MB, Uncommitted

Sarah Wing, Omaha Marian (Nebraska Elite), 6-foot-1, MH, Iowa 

Jaela Zimmerman, Malcolm (VCNebraska), 6-foot-2, OH, Creighton

SPECIAL 25-ish 

Ashtynne Alberts, Omaha Marian (Performance VBC), 5-foot-11, OH, Uncommitted

Alexa Blasé, Grand Island, 5-foot-11, OH, Uncommitted

Meghan Dahlhauser, Archbishop Bergan, 5-foot-4, Libero, Uncommitted

Sydney Daniels, Millard West (Nebraska Elite) 5-foot-6, setter/DS, Uncommitted

Madison Evans, Millard North (Club Legacy), 5-foot-4, Libero/DS, Uncommitted

Sydney Fitzgibbons, Papillion-LaVista (Premier), 6-foot, MH, Uncommitted

Ally Glaser, Papillion-LaVista (Nebraska Elite), 5-foot-10, OH, Uncommitted

Jadyn Heckenlively, Alma, 5-foot-11, MH, Uncommitted

Lauren Jacobsen, Wisner-Pilger (Nebraska Juniors) 5-foot-10, Setter, Uncommitted

Morgan James, Bellevue West (Performance VBC), 5-foot-9, OH/DS, Uncommitted

Erin Johnson, Meridian, 5-foot-4, Setter, Uncommitted

MaKenna Kirk, Lincoln Northeast (Nebraska ONE), 5-foot-7, OH, Uncommitted

Clara Lamb, Omaha Westside (Premier), 6-foot-3, MH/RS, Illinois-Chicago

Madilyn Larson, Wahoo (VCNebraska), 5-foot-8, OH, Uncommitted

Coree Lipovsky, Sandy Creek (VCNebraska), 6-foot, MH, Uncommitted

Bailey Lukasiewicz, St. Paul (South Central VBC), 5-foot-4, Libero, Uncommitted

Mckenzie Michalek, Papillion-LaVista (Premier), 5-foot-8, DS, Omaha

Riley Newton, Elkhorn South (VCNebraska), 5-foot-4, DS, Uncommitted

Morgan Nibbe, Red Cloud, 6-foot-1, MH, Uncommitted

Claire Ostrand, Nebraska Christian (South Central VBC), 5-foot-9, OH, Uncommitted

Rylee Pieper, Meridian (Nebraska Juniors), 5-foot-9, OH/MH, Uncommitted

Diana Reed, Ogallala, 5-foot-10, OH, Uncommitted

Emma Ryan, Kearney Catholic (VCNebraska), 5-foot-11, MH, Uncommitted

Corrie Schneider, Aurora (Nebraska Juniors), 6-foot, MH, Uncommitted

Maggie Sempeck, Millard West (VCNebraska), 5-foot-5, DS, Uncommitted

Katie Siefkes, Lincoln Southwest (Nebraska ONE), 5-foot-3, DS, Uncommitted

Faith Simpson, Wauneta-Palisade (Flatrock VBC) 6-foot, MH, Uncommitted

Abby Stutz, Lincoln Christian (Nebraska Juniors), 6-foot-3, MH, Uncommitted

Kinsley Tinglehoff, Wahoo (Nebraska Juniors), 5-foot-7, setter, Uncommitted

Grace Volk, Arlington (VCNebraska), 5-foot-9, setter, Uncommitted

Brynn Westenburg, Johnson-Brock, 5-foot-6, setter, Uncommitted