Posted On: 09/29/17 10:08 AM

Emersen Cyza, junior from Alliance, is a serious force to be reckoned with. The 6'0" outside hitter has 190 kills in 10 matches so far this season and is hitting an impressive .369 hitting percentage. Cyza was introduced to volleyball at a very young age as her mother has been a coach and her older sister was also involved in volleyball. Since she was 7, Cyza has been a gym rat, constantly watching and learning from her mom with a ball in her hand until she was old enough to play on her own team. Cyza says,

"My mom technically never coached me, but I always look up to her in the stands and she always has something to say."

Cyza takes her position as a role model seriously and finds giving back to younger players by teaching skills and aspects of the game is actually one of her favorite parts of the game. The coaching staff and teammates around her have also impacted her love for the game. Jessica Kaiser, head coach, has been a big part of Cyza's experience, Cyza says,

"Coach is a huge role model in my life . . . We have become so

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