Posted On: 03/27/18 1:08 PM

When you are a tall, talented athlete located in a very remote part of Nebraska, it can be both a blessing and curse. Mary Nibbe, a 6'2 junior setter/RS from Red Cloud is a prime example.

Having spent most of her youth and early high school years completely off the radar of college programs, NIbbe went about her business as a three-sport standout that has helped Red Cloud achieve new heights in pretty much every sport during her time there. The problem is, when you're that athletic and an entire school - and community, for that matter - is counting on you to be a three-sport athlete, it's hard to find the time to develop your individual skills in one particular sport. 

It's a two-and-a-half hour drive - one way - from Red Cloud to the nearest large volleyball training club in Lincoln. So, Nibbe goes to clinics and camps as often as possible, but she's not going to have Division I programs knocking down her door. Her ability and athleticism screams Division I, but in this day-and-age it's hard to find large schools willing to give scholarships to players that still need a year or two to develop to

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