Posted On: 08/4/18 2:53 PM

Since practices and tryouts for the 2018 high school volleyball season start on Monday, I guess it’s time to update our player rankings for the state of Nebraska.

Today we start to take a look at the top players in the sophomore class of 2021. We’ve increased the number of ranked players from 35 to 87 for this class and that number will likely increase quite a bit more following the upcoming season. Remember, these lists are fluid and updated often, so if you are ranked, congratulations and just know that people will be gunning to take your place wherever you are ranked. If you are not ranked, please remember that we do the best that we can to see and evaluate as many players in the state as possible during the high school and club seasons. Just because you aren’t ranked now doesn’t mean you won’t be in the future. This is especially true for the younger players.

For now, here are the players that are ranked #11-87. We will release the top 10 tomorrow. Congrats and best of luck this upcoming high school season. Thanks for all you do to make high school volleyball in Nebraska so amazing!

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