Posted On: 10/17/18 3:52 PM

What is the Top 250 Expo? Great question.  

At Prep Dig we want to be as transparent as possible for athletes, parents, and coaches in providing information about our newest event, – the Top 250 Expo series – in Nebraska, and Wisconsin.  The Top 250 Expo is a chance for athletes to showcase their skills to gain exposure for playing volleyball at the next level. In our states, we know that there are up to 250 college-level players capable of continuing their volleyball career beyond high school. That’s where we get the name, “Top 250”.

What will athletes be doing at the Top 250?

Here is a general “Run of Show” as we call it, which is a plan for athletes and coaches to follow when they come to the facility.

9:00-9:30 – Warmup with Play and Testing

9:30-10:10 – Positionals

10:10-10:55 – Competitive Drills, Competitive Games

11:00 – 11:30 – College Coaches Panel Q and A with the athletes

This is a chance for players to be accurately tested for height, block touch, and approach touch.  Our goal is to have at least one to two college coaches at every court running the drills. The drills will allow for the athletes to showcase both their athleticism and skills. This also allows the athletes to receive some feedback from coaches they could potentially play for as well as compete against some of the best athletes in the area.  When it comes time to compete, athletes will not be limited to traditional 6-on-6 play. The best practices at any level consists of lots of intensity, speed, wash drills, and a chance for players to show how they work with other players, respond to feedback, and provide the positive intangibles of how they work in a team setting.  Athletes will be coming from various clubs and high school programs and combining them in a new setting allows coaches could see how they could potentially fit in their program.

Coaching Panel

Athletes will have a chance to ask coaches questions once the session is over.  Depending on where the athlete is in the recruiting process, questions will vary.  Some athletes could be closing in on what school they are going to, working with potentially the coach they will work with on a daily basis next year.  For other athletes, this could be their first chance for exposure and just getting into their recruiting journey. Athletes learn from each other. Athletes can learn from the coaches, and even coaches learn from other coaches with their philosophy on recruiting, what do scholarships look like at their school, what does a typical day look like for a student-athlete, what are they looking for when they are recruiting, etc.

First Class Media Coverage

We will have our writers at all of these events.  We have the motto of “Every player is worth covering”. Specific articles could be “Top Setters At Iowa Top 250”, “Prospects On The Rise”, “Class of 2019 Best Available Prospects”, or “Players Ready For a Breakout Club Season”.  This gives our team a chance to take a look at some athletes before the club season even starts. The same is true for college coaches, as they have a chance to take a look at specific prospects before the club season gets underway. Throughout the event, we will have writers active on social media, posting photos and analysis. We are currently in the process of confiming the attendance of a video company that would give us a chance to provide recruiting videos for athletes.

Here is a link to our event page with links to our events in Nebraska and Wisconsin.  We also have the Prep Dig Gauntlet in Madison, Wisconsin at the Alliant Energy Convention Center where we will have another Top 250 Showcase on Friday, March 31 and a tournament June 1 and 2.  

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