Posted On: 01/7/19 2:32 PM

Kiana Schmitt is the Prep Dig Class of 2019 top prospect and will be taking her game to the next level at Creighton University in Omaha.  With a decorated career at Waunakee High School and Capital Volleyball Academy, there is much more to Kiana than her volleyball game.  

What are some of the off the volleyball court activities you participate in?

Off the volleyball court I love hanging out with my friends. In the winter we love baking and watching movies. In the summer we are always on the lake, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, and tubing. I also really enjoy going on mission trips with my church over the summer and helping at vacation bible school.

What were some other sports or activities you did growing up?  How did they help you with volleyball and how did you decide to pursue volleyball at an elite level? And I hear you are playing basketball this year, what has that been like picking that up again?

Growing up I played a lot of soccer and basketball until I found volleyball. It wasn’t till seventh grade that I really started to play volleyball regularly. Soccer and basketball taught me how to be a good teammate and compete. Going into my freshman year I decided that I really wanted to pursue volleyball at a high level and that’s when I started playing at Capital. I am playing basketball again this year and it has been a great experience. It is super fun to get to meet more people and learn a new game. I also did track for the first time last year high jumping and triple jumping which were also challenging to learn.

Who are some individuals who have been a big influence on you? How did they have a positive effect on you?

I have a lot of positive role models in my life. My dad has taught me determination and to always believe in yourself. My mom has taught me kindness and hard work. My grandparents have taught me generosity and how to put family first.

How did you decide to choose Creighton?  What was it about that program and university?  Do you have a plan as to what your major will be?

Creighton was the perfect size, perfect distance from home and has lots of opportunities in health sciences which is the field I plan to major in. The program was a perfect fit as well. They play volleyball at such a high level and have an awesome team dynamic. Also, Coach Booth is the best person ever.  I can’t wait to play for such a great person, and for a team with such a great culture, coaching staff and fan base.

What would be advice you would give to someone going through the recruiting process?

For anyone going through the recruiting process I would stay to be persistent and make lots of calls to colleges. Also, keep your options open and look at a lot of schools till you find the one perfect for you.  Let your parents help you – you need other opinions and they have your best interest in mind. But most importantly have fun with the process – it can be stressful at times but stay positive and don’t let people pressure you – do what is best for you and your family.

I know the season may not have ended the way you wanted it to, but looking back what will you remember most about your high school volleyball career?

What I will remember most about my high school volleyball career will be my teammates. Every year, but especially this past year our team became such a tight group of friends that it made the season even more fun.

And just for fun……

Favorite Food/Meal: Ice cream!! You could ask any of my friends they all know my favorite food is ice cream.


Favorite Vacation You’ve Been On: Paris and Hawaii are my two favorite places in the world!


Favorite Class At School: I love all biology classes especially Human Anatomy.


Netflix or Bingeworthy TV Show: Friends


Best Christmas Present: One year my parents got my sister and I suitcases with tickets to Hawaii in them.


Something People Wouldn’t Know About You: I love rollercoasters, the taller and faster the better!


What always makes you smile: My friends and family can always make me smile.


Best Thing About Waunakee High School: Waunakee High School has so many opportunities for students to do whatever they feel passionate about. There are tons of clubs that you can join or classes you can take to be involved with things that you like.


Best Thing About Capital Volleyball: Capital has given me some of my best friends and has great coaches that have developed me into the player I am today. They push you to be better everyday and try new things. Eric Polich was my first coach at Capital and he helped me grow my love for the game and show me the potential I had. Last year my coaches Quinn Lukins and Connor Zimmick really helped me improve my game and that will help me so much when I get to Creighton.