Posted On: 01/2/19 12:56 PM

  If you and your daughter are just entering the exciting world of club volleyball, it can feel somewhat overwhelming with all the new terminology, busy schedules, confusing acronyms, rules etc.  In fact, families who’ve been involved for several years still get left dazed by all the vocabulary and regulations that come with club volleyball.

  For example, for many years it was referred to as JO volleyball (junior Olympic),now more commonly known as “club” volleyball.  This is not the only change in recent years.  We’ve witnessed the length of the season grow from mostly a springtime activity, to one of the most popular activities for Midwest youth.  Now tryouts start as soon as the end of October-early November.  The seasons typically last though May-June.  This means you will have time to learn about everything while your athlete trains and competes with the best.  Use this easy-to-read glossary to stay in the know when chatting with parents in the bleachers this season:

AES: Advanced Event Systems – Site powered by Sports Engine that has schedules, results, and rankings for teams all across the country.

Where you’ll see it: Your coach may share a schedule with you through AES.  Downloading the app. is great for 

staying in the know (who you play next, scores for matches etc.)

AAU:  Amateur Athletic Union

Where you’ll see it: They have lots of events like Nationals.  

Divisions: Includes but not limited to Open, USA, American,

Where you’ll see it: Big tournaments will have teams competing in different divisions.  Typically Open is for the the

most competitive, and then it trickles down.  This is important for teams trying to qualify for nationals.

JVA: Junior Volleyball Association – An organization which teams and clubs may choose to register with.

Where you’ll see it: The JVA sponsors many clubs and you will notice the letters on their jerseys and gear.  They

also partner with AAU and AVCA (American Volleyball Coaches Association)

RVA’s: Regional Volleyball Associations – An association teams and clubs can also register through and  become a part of USAV.

Where you’ll see it:

Minnesota & The Dakotas- North Country Region (NCR)

Wisconsin- Badger Region

Iowa- Iowa Volleyball Region

Nebraska: Great Plains Region

USAV: USA Volleyball – USA Volleyball is a non-profit organization which is recognized as the national governing body of volleyball in the United States by the Federation International Volleyball and the United States Olympic Committee. 

Where you’ll see it: They endorse many products/events and have several National teams.

  This list doesn’t come close to covering all the club volleyball terminology; for those starting out, it can be a great guide to help you understand the world of volleyball. 

And just like with anything else, don’t be afraid to reach out to your coaches and stay informed!