Posted On: 02/13/19 3:50 PM

Discipline, attention to detail, precise training, along with fried rice and ice cream cake are just a few of the things that bring the athletes, coaches, and families together at Minnesota Volleyball Academy.  

Led by Quang Vo, an avid cyclist and volleyball extraordinaire, has over 30 years of training and club experience across the metro area.  Training the likes of Taylor Morgan, current Minnesota Golden Gopher volleyball player, and other players across the metro, he houses his Minnesota Volleyball Academy at the state of the art facility, National Sports Center in Blaine.

With an 18 Elite, 16 Elite, 16-2, 14 Elite, and 13 Elite teams, he keeps the club small where he is able to train with careful attention and detail to all of his athletes.  

“I train the athletes to beat the numbers.  Only 1 out of every 5 girls will play volleyball through their senior year of high school.  We want to be better than that. If you combine all the divisions of volleyball, only 4% of high school volleyball players will go onto play in college.  We want to beat that”

Out of the MVA Elite 18 Team, there will be four athletes who are heading to play at the NCAA Division 2 level across three states.  This team is a little extra special for Quang with his daughter being one of the liberos and the main core of this group being together since they were 11 years old.

Angel Vo and Bridget Witzmann will be heading to Minnesota State – Moorhead while lefty right side, Sydney Aber will be going to New Haven – Connecticut, and middle blocker Sarah Johnson will be playing at Upper Iowa.  Vo, Witzmann, and Johnson will make it a reunion to see each other through the volleyball season with Moorhead and Upper Iowa being a part of the NSIC, one of the top Division 2 conference in the nation.

Over on the 16s court there is plenty of balance all around.  After finishing in the top four of the Big City Luau they have a little bit of everything that can pose a problem for the other side of the court.  Allyson Treichel is a middle blocker who is one of the top athletes on the team with quick hops and a quick whip of an arm swing. She can put the ball straight down out of the middle, but could also see a future on the pin.  Pin hitter Madison Gully can put a ball down on either side and is developing into a solid six rotation hitter.

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Little spring in the hop! #MVA #minnesotavolleyballacademy

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With solid talent all around, the highlight of the night may have been the fried rice and ice cream cake to celebrate a winning weekend for the 13s and 14s.  A deal made at the beginning of every season, after a winning weekend Quang will provide the famous fried rice (which I tried and was amazing) and a parent will provide the ice cream cake.  

A winning weekend well deserved, but not without the attention to detail, discipline, and training that MVA has built their culture on.


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Hanging out at Minnesota Volleyball Academy and a weekend win means fried rice and ice cream cake!!

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