Posted On: 02/6/19 5:07 PM

Evaluating the 15s level is tough.  Narrowing a list down to 50? Even worse.  At Prep Dig, we do our best to promote athletes of all levels at every age level.  The 15s or Freshman year is really when we start to take note of players who will have a major impact in their class.  Some of these athletes are already being talked to by college coaches and have made their mark not only on the state, but on a national level too.

Before the club season started we developed a Class of 2022 watch list which we are still using.  We are still using it for when we expand the rankings in the late spring (May) when we do our next rankings update.  Between now and then we will continue to see the Class of 2022 develop throughout the year. We will have our writers at The Badger Region Power League, The Showcase, Badger Region Qualifier, Badger Region Championships, MEQ, JVA World Challenge, Northern Lights Qualifier, and plenty more local events throughout the club season.  This is only a start. There are so many changes at the 15s level with players finding their true position and continuous reps where one day it will all of a sudden click. There are also players from the Class of 2022 playing at various age levels which we are keeping track of as well.

Class of 2022 Fab 50

If you are new to Prep Dig, the best part is that we don’t stop.  There is no offseason at Prep Dig. Once the club season stops, we will checkout summer leagues, camps, and before you know it we are prepping for the high school season.  

Here are some recent articles featuring the Class of 2022 and the impact they’ve had on the club season so far:

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