Posted On: 06/12/20 11:00 AM

Our feature on Class of 2022 athletes continues as June 15th draws yet another day closer. Outside hitters and setters have gotten the spotlight so far.

Today, we give you some middle blockers to know throughout the Cornhusker State. As coaches embark on a search for players that can dominate at the net, numerous uncommitted athletes in Nebraska can rise to the occasion. The middles in this feature have the toughness, work ethic, and talent to become impact middles on a college court. These players have accomplished a wide variety of feats throughout their prep careers, and they ought to generate some buzz as recruiting activity picks up. Plain and simple, these are names you need to know.


Brenna Schmidt Brenna Schmidt 6'4" | MB Elmwood-Murdock | 2022 State NE - 6’5 MB - Elmwood-Murdock - Nebraska Juniors 16-1

Schmidt brings a unique combination of size and coordination that all coaches hope to get at the middle blocker position. A rising athlete who made my list of Uncommitted Tall Talents in the Class of 2022, Schmidt’s game continues to make huge strides, much to the benefit of all her teammates. Trying to defend this long, physical middle is

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