Posted On: 07/29/20 8:10 AM

Facing a talented defender across the net can be annoying to volleyball players. Having to hit the ball several times to finally score a point can not only be physically and mentally exhausting, but it also increases the chance of a mistake. It’s true that teams need offensive power to win championships, but defense is also a big factor and these teams should be in a good position in that regard when the 2020 season starts for the Class 1A in Washington.


Morgyn Harrison – Libero – Junior - Chelan

Chelan’s 2019 championship-winning squad was an offensively impressive team, but it wouldn’t be nearly as effective without the reassuring presence of Morgyn Harrison in the back of the court. The sophomore libero was particularly important for the Lady Goats in the state championship match against King’s, where she registered 27 digs and cemented her All-State first-team status.


Genevieve Wilkinson – Defensive Specialist /Libero – Junior – Sultan

Sultan dug 1,830 balls in the 2019 season and nearly a third of them came from the same player, sophomore defensive specialist Genevieve Wilkinson, who denied the Turks opponents a point 566 times. Wilkinson, who averaged impressive 7.2 digs per set

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