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Posted On: 07/19/20 4:23 PM

It is now my great pleasure to introduce you to our update to the newly updated 2022 Prep Dig State Rankings List.  It took a long time to get this list updated and we are extremely proud of all of the parents, players, and coaches who helped us find new athletes to add to it. It is a little more difficult to accomplish this now that volleyball has been put on this four month pause, but it has also shown many other things.  For me it has shown that the love and passion for the sport never dies. I have seen so many athletes and coaches still push on in different ways.   There are still athletes training and getting much needed reps in so they can be ready to realize their dreams of playing at the next level. 


The 2022 Class is superb in their heart and determination to stay the course in getting better at their craft.  In the coming days and weeks we are going to introduce you to new athletes and also re-introduce you to some who have made some moves on the list.  We are super excited to bring this to you and we hope that you will be proud of each athlete on this list.  They deserve so much praise for their hard work and it will pay off soon.  We wish you all well and we would love to hear feedback.  We hope you are all staying safe and as always…Volley On!!!!  

Click HERE to get to the newly updated 2022 Prep Dig State Rankings! 


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