Posted On: 07/29/20 10:43 AM

We have added 262 total athletes in the 2021, 2022, and 2023 classes since our launch of the State Rankings list in late March.  All of the players listed have been deserving of the number that is attached to their name. We couldn’t be more proud of how much love you all have shown us in our growth of this wonderful online publication.  Without you readers and the players we couldn’t do what we do.  We thoroughly appreciate everyone and how much love you have shown us on social media.  Let’s continue to spread the love and help these kids get seen by everyone.  They deserve all of the sharing that you can do. We are trying to grow our 2024 class of incoming Freshman Rankings.


We are currently working on that list and would like to have it posted toward the end of the high school season in Late October or Early November.  Now is perfect timing for everyone to submit names to me so I can start analyzing and evaluating game film, highlight reels, or seeing stats.  If you don’t have that, it is ok.  I can also talk to school coaches, club coaches, club directors or any private lesson coaches.  Please get them in contact with me so I can add your daughter’s name or someone you know to the list.


We love helping these players get their names out to all of the college coaches in our database who read our articles.  It truly takes a village for us to help these kids get more college exposure.  Don’t let diffusion of responsibility affect you. All it takes is a quick email or message on social media to give me a name and start my research.  If you know of anyone who you think is deserving of a look, do not hesitate to shoot me a message.  I will evaluate all players and see if and where they fall on our rankings amongst every player. 


Stay tuned for more articles on your favorite athletes.  If you have anyone you think we should watch out for, please shoot me an email with some info at  Also don’t forget to help these kids get more exposure by sharing our stories with your friends.  Help us help them by simply retweeting on Twitter or sharing on Facebook.  Thanks for following Texas Family!