Posted On: 09/11/20 8:56 AM

Many great things are happening at Prep Dig Texas.  At the end of October/early November, we will be unveiling another update to our state rankings list.  We have been getting many names in all graduating classes but are still looking for more.  Do not hesitate to drop us a line in an email or on social media with some names to research and see where they fall on our rankings amongst the best in the state.  


We at Prep Dig believe in getting exposure to all athletes who wish to play in college at all levels.  We are looking for athletes who need help in getting exposure with a highlight article.  We need each and every one of our readers to help us make sure we have everyone that we should on our lists.  Ask your daughter or her friends if there are any players that they think should be given a look.  The volleyball community is one of the best in the nation at helping each other.  Your email or shout out on social media could be the catalyst that helps a player get noticed by a school and change their life forever.  


I really need to add more freshman and sophomores to the rankings.  Now that school tryouts are over for all schools and teams have been formed, please help me in getting players listed on our State Ranking List.  Once games begin, if you see a player that stood out to you, don’t hesitate to send me a message so I can start my research on that player.  


Feel free to email me some names with just some basic information like graduation year, school, club team, position or ask your coach to send me a message on twitter @coachmikedz.  If you have any players that you think I should research, feel free to email me at  Once again, thank you all for reading our articles and for all your support as we help grow the sport of volleyball and continue to give recognition to all of the hard working players in this sport.