Posted On: 09/7/20 6:09 PM

Opening day, opening week, Wisconsin is ready to play ball!  Today marks the first day of the fall volleyball season with tryouts going on across the state.  However, there are over 100 programs who have elected to play their high school season in the spring, starting at the end of February.  For many of those programs, they will be part of the Prep Dig Fall League to be held at the Community First Champion Center in Appleton.  Prep Dig will also host four Saturday tournaments as well. 

Prep Dig Fall League 

Varsity Schedule 

JV Schedule 


Prep Dig Saturday Tournaments

September 12 – Fall Kickoff – Click Here For Event Schedule 

September 19 – Harvest Hustle – Click Here For Event Page/Committed Teams

September 26 – Octoberfest – Click Here For Event Page/Committed Teams

October 17 – Pumpkin Spice Slam – Click Here For Event Page/Committed Teams


A Few FAQ’s 

I’m a college coach.  How can I watch? 

IN PERSON!  Yes, if you are a college coach you may watch in person.  We will have a sign up form to let us know you are coming and you can check in at the ticket office at the Community First Champion Center. Can’t make it in person? We will be streaming our events on BallerTV.  There will also be plenty of coverage, video, and pictures on as well as our social media platforms. 


I’m a parent, can I watch my daughter play? 

For PDFL, we will allow ten tickets per team which will be coordinated through the team’s parent rep.  For our Prep Dig Fall Kickoff we will allow 15 tickets per team.  We will reach out to parent reps each week to coordinate the number of tickets they will need for each event. 


How do these Saturday tournaments work?  How should I sign up? Do you still have openings? 

For the Saturday tournaments, the teams are considered “Independent” meaning they have no school affiliation.  At Prep Dig, we have always said we want to provide opportunities for all athletes to play volleyball.  There are high school teams that have organized themselves to play, some teams are a combination of athletes from a variety of schools, and of the teams who are participating,  some are coming off back to back state titles (Sterling, IL) or some that will be from the Class of 2023 and 2024 who are just starting.  Will they play against each other?  Most likely, No.  We will create matchups that will be competitive for the level of play of all teams which could be creating different pools and divisions.  There are still opportunities to sign up!  Out of state teams are welcome!