Posted On: 09/8/20 11:30 AM

Iowa City West

What will this look like?  Will it be different?  How do we have a fall volleyball season that “feels” like a fall volleyball season and still be safe?  For Mount Vernon High School and those involved in the planning and execution of the event hit a major homerun, slam dunk, ace, you name it – it was done and done extremely well.  Here is an outside perspective of a spacious and successful event from Mount Vernon this past weekend. 

The campus of Mount Vernon High School was utilized extremely well with five teams playing in this high school, five in the middle school, and five at their rec center.  Park in one spot, walk to another gym and see a lot of great volleyball in all gyms.  Teams played in a five team round robin in their pod with very competitive matches all around along with plenty of teams who have a state championship, state runner up, or state tournament appearance to their resume.  

As far as COVID guidelines, I’ve been to events where there are no guidelines, guidelines that aren’t followed, and in Wisconsin with the state mandate we have had to monitor the masks wearing of not only spectators, but all athletes have to wear masks as well.  The plans that Mount Vernon had in place as far as safety procedures with spectators and masks was extremely well executed.  If you didn’t have a mask, they had extras provided.  Hand sanitizer was readily available and there were spots for teams to hangout outside with some bringing tents to camp under and even fans bringing in bags for a friendly game between matches. 

For Activities Director, Matt Thede who was biking from gym to gym and the Mount Vernon coaching staff led by Maggie Willems, this was a blueprint for a tournament  that other schools can follow.  The volleyball community is small and incredibly close knit, we can work together.  Every tournament that is successfully run, is a way for others to build off of and show that volleyball can be played in a safe way where there are so many variables to consider. We got this! 


Well done MV!