Jordan Karlen

Posted On: 10/13/20 10:16 PM

I am really impressed with all of the tremendous talent that we’ve seen at the Prep Dig tournaments. The best part is that they are not overly specialized and extremely well-rounded players.  Let’s look at some more amazing setters that run their courts and do it all to set their teams up for victory! 

Andie Spies

– 2024 – 5’10 – Jefferson 

Spies is the future of super athletic setters.  She was so fun to watch, and it was really hard to believe she is only a freshman.  I still can’t wrap my head around that because if she continues to develop the way she has, she will be a household name for sure.  Spies is a high-quality setter with the drive and determination to take her really far.  She has a wicked fast swing, as well as great hands to make her a fantastic 6-rotation player. 

Jaden Kolinske – 2021 – Lodi 

Kolinske gets a lot of defensive touches and can move the ball around from pin to pin. She’s also tall and takes a great lefty swing on the 2nd contact. Kolinske is super athletic while running a 5-1,

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