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The Prep Dig Class of 2024 Watchlist will be released Thursday, March 25.  What does this mean? 

At Prep Dig, we believe in providing coverage for athletes of all levels.  Tomorrow, there will be just over 100 names on our Class of 2024 Watchlist.  Where did these names come from?  A lot of live volleyball action I’ve been able to see over the past couple of months from the Prep Dig Quad Cities Clash, Indiana Central Zone, Great Lakes Region Qualifier, and MidEast Qualifier in Indianapolis.  We believe in getting to as many courts as possible to provide this type of coverage.  Do coaches help us out?  Yes, but we rely heavily on what our scouts are seeing out in gyms and convention centers across the Midwest.  

This is a starting point.  The lists tend to grow.  In the Wisconsin Class of 2022 we have 162 Players Ranked.  We are volleynerds, we watch club events, high school matches, summer leagues, showcases and combines, the list goes on.  There is no off-season or quiet period for Prep Dig.  Do we miss players?  Absolutely, that’s why we keep watching and always have an eye out to find the hidden gem. 

Why so many? Top players get spotted early, they are being recruited by many.  However, we have found a niche with college coaches of ALL levels.  We are one stop shop for coaches and volleyball fans to see who is in what class, where they are playing high school and club, and as they continue throughout their career, you can see where they are committed.  

Has anyone been offered a scholarship based on a Prep Dig ranking?  No.  Has anyone been denied a scholarship based on a Prep Dig ranking?  No.  We are simply a valuable resource for plenty.  We encourage athletes to use our social media and articles to send to college coaches.  We also enjoy seeing the progression of these athletes throughout their volleyball career.  We see them compete and persevere with their teammates.  We know not everyday is their best, but we enjoy being able to share their story throughout their growth as an athlete and a young adult.  In the volleyball world, its hard not to make friends with the people you see on the court time after time, and even year after year. 

If you have an addition to make to your information, please email

We also have a Prep Dig Illinois Player Information form where we gather basic information that we can include on your player prospect profile. Which can be found here: 

Prep Dig Illinois Player Info – Help Us Help You!

I want to be on the list!  Patience.  Considering volleyball wasn’t played in Illinois until January, we are just starting with a full-court press of coverage.  We are working our way up with the Class of 2023 being next.  We will continue to make additions to our lists, which then turn into rankings, and will always look to share the pulse of what is going on in a hyper-local style of coverage for volleyball in Illinois.

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