Posted On: 08/6/21 8:48 AM

In preparation for the start of the 2021 prep season, we released our latest 2022 player rankings this week.

Like each set of rankings, new players have been added into this round.

Here’s a look at some of those new additions.

64. Nya Mays Nya Mays 6'3" | MB Troy Athens | 2022 State MI , MB Troy Athens/Michigan Elite

Mays has sprouted up to 6’3” and her added length is bringing some new dimensions to her game. She has shown the ability to adapt to sets well and still bring a powerful swing. Mays also has been able to slide to the outside and showcase her talents there. The ceiling still seems very high for Mays, who should be in for a big prep season.

71. Alia Mastromatteo Alia Mastromatteo 5'9" | S Portage Northern | 2022 State MI , S Portage Northern/Dead Frog

Mastromatteo has quietly built up an impressive prep career at Portage Northern. An experienced setter, she has only gotten better over the years while adding more pieces to her arsenal. She has great instincts with her sets, as well as when to go on the attack herself. Defensively, Mastromatteo has also improved on her decision-making.

72. Emmalee Murphy Emmalee Murphy 6'0" | MB Hudsonville | 2022 State MI , MB Hudsonville/FaR Out

Murphy saw a big increase in production during her 2020 prep season, emerging as one of the hitting leaders for Hudsonville. Heading into the 2021 season, Murphy has worked on improving her finishing rates, while becoming more impactful with her blocking. With confidence growing, it will be exciting to see Murphy put all the pieces together this fall.

77. Alyssa DeVries Alyssa DeVries 5'10" | S Grand Rapids Christian | 2022 State MI , S Grand Rapids Christian/FaR Out

DeVries had the weight of the world on her shoulders in 2020, taking over the offense for the two-time defending D2 state champs, GRC. DeVries passed the test with flying colors and proved she has the skills to play at the next level. DeVries has the athleticism, the fundamentals, and now the confidence to continue to take GRC to title contention.

78. Hannah Giere Hannah Giere 5'10" | OH Jenison | 2022 State MI , OH Jenison/FaR Out

A talented outside that has shown a nice array of swings, Giere also has done a good job at improving on her locations and decision-making. An athletic player that can move around the court well, Giere is playing with a lot more trust in herself and should be in line for a great 2021 season.

79. Avery Toole Avery Toole 5'11" | OH Rockford | 2022 State MI , OH Rockford/MVA

Toole is part of a deep Rockford offense that is poised for a big 2021 prep season. Toole has the ability to dial up her swings and produce unstoppable attacks, but is trying to improve on her all-around game. With a solid year of improved play under her belt, Toole should be able to showcase all her skills this fall.

80. Cayden Anschutz Cayden Anschutz 5'10" | S Grand Rapids CC | 2022 State MI , S/OH Grand Rapids CC/MVA

Anschutz is definitely a complete player that can take over a match. She does a lot of outside hitting play for Grand Rapids CC, but plays setter for MVA. Her athleticism and ability to swing and defend as an outside hitter has brought an added dimension to her play as a setter. Anschutz has a very high court IQ and has complete control of her side of the net.