Posted On: 08/31/21 2:15 PM

Illinois is moving into their second week of the 21-22 season and so far I am seeing out of  this world performances that are catching my eye. Looking into the Class 1A, I am diving into the top three teams that are putting themselves on the higher ground of what makes a team the best. 


Galena High School- Galena, Illinois 

The Galena Pirates currently lead the 1A class with an overall of 7-0. The Pirates are currently on a 7W winning streak and are currently placed in 3rd in their conference. Galena has some contributing athletes who have made it possible for the Pirates to carry the 1A class. Freshman, Gracie Furlong, and Senior Olivia Hefel, are two important athletes when it comes to being lead contributors to the Pirates. 

Lutheran High School- Springfield, Illinois 

Lutheran Crusaders are currently following behind the Galena Pirates in 2nd wit an overall of 6-0. The Crusaders currently are 2-0n in their leagues, which has put them on a win streak of 6W overall and 2W win streak in their league, placing them in 1st in the MSM league. The Crusaders are consistently moving up in the ranks and I expect them to continue

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