Posted On: 01/10/22 9:56 AM

With our first weekend of club under our belts, I want to take a position-by-position look at my favorite players from yesterday’s Early Bird Shootout at Capitol Sports Center. I’ll treat this article like a real all-star team should; two outsides, two middles, one right side, one setter, one libero and one defensive specialist. The extra DS will come in for a three-rotation outside on my team. I will mention what class they’re from, but I won’t limit which class they can come from. Here we go!


Will all of the high-end ball going on Sunday, this was probably the hardest position to pick. There were so many primary-passing outsides, three rotation outsides, multi positional outsides----you get the picture. My primary-passing outside has to be  Isabella Humphrey Isabella Humphrey 5'9" | OH McCutcheon | 2024 State IN (’24, 5-9 OH, McCutcheon). Her Boiler Juniors 16 Gold won the 15/16 division dropping only one set to Circle’s 16-1 in the final. She can play all the way around, hit high and hard, is tough from behind the service line, and can score points at will. And she can pass? Good place to start for this all-star group. My other outside, whom I like to have as a three-rotation outside that comes

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