Posted On: 06/2/22 3:30 PM

I spent a lot of time watching the 17s play this past weekend at the Prep Dig Gauntlet.  The Junior year always fascinates me.  I respect the boundaries of these athletes and don’t really say much to them, let alone ask them questions about their recruiting process, but I know there is a lot that comes into play. Weighing the options of the level of play, how far away from home are they willing to go, area of study, scholarships, the lists go on and on.  I’m not sure if these athletes are ready to commit or are still pretty open heading into the summer, but all I know is that they can play at the next level.  As far as the next level?  I’m really not into labeling kids as far as what type of “Division” they are.  I say this time and time again where I hope kids find a place where they are valued and have a positive experience.  This can be at any division, and our Prep Dig Scouts and I always celebrate when we see that commitment post! 

Here are 2023s from the Gauntlet (Part 1) 

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