What Is the Prep Dig Circuit?

In 2018, Prep Dig consisted of three states with hyper-local coverage in Minnesota, Nebraska, and Wisconsin.  In 2021, Prep Dig has the same mission of providing hyper local coverage, expanding to 17 states, hosting showcases and events throughout the Midwest. In the “Covid Era” of volleyball, we hosted nearly 20 events across four states, complying with various protocols along the way. Through these events,  we have provided exposure to thousands of athletes with hundreds of articles and social media content that have been sent to college coaches across the country.  We also provided photos, videos, and hundreds of social media posts providing updates all throughout our events.

Whats next? 

The inaugural Prep Dig Circuit is here to take the volleyball landscape in 2022 to the next level. A collection of tournaments throughout the Midwest that will feature flexible scheduling, competitive matches, and unparalleled coverage.  If you are a program at any level that is serious about maximizing your players exposure in 2022, the Prep Dig Circuit is the place to be.

With the Prep Dig Circuit, teams will have flexibility in regards to dates and locations as to where and when they play.  The more events the club commits to, the lower the price point will be for the event. Each event will feature Prep Dig Scouts that will provide plenty of content, social media, video, and pictures while also providing a competitive format.   If clubs commit to at least three events, their price point will be lower per team (more info to be released later).  In order to be a circuit team, the club needs to participate in at least three events and will enjoy the perks of all things Prep Dig Circuit.  We will have club and open divisions, but we also know depending on the tournament teams might want to play in different divisions.  We can accommodate teams with their schedule in order to make their time at our events efficient, worth while for the travel and top competition.  Clubs have full choice as to what teams they send to what events. 

Event Coverage – Articles, video, photos, social media the weekend of the event, and week following each tournament.

Club Features – The more we see your club play, the more often we get a chance to write about your athletes which will also include team profiles. 

Flexible Scheduling – We will avoid Sunday matches after 5 PM, we want time in the gym to be efficient.  We have been very flexible with our schedule to accommodate time and travel to the best of our ability. 

Competitive Matchups – Teams can expect to compete against others that will be similar to your competition level.  We have found great success in putting teams together right away in a tournament getting the most out of every matchup. 

Prep Dig Circuit Team Pricing

  • Normal Tournament Entry Fee: $425
  • Club Commits To Three Events: $375/team
  • Club Commits To Four or More Events: $350/team
  1. APPLY HERE will grant you early access to registration at our events 
  2. Upon acceptance, teams will select which events they will plan on attending which will also secure a spot in those particular events and age groups (spots will be limited).  Teams will also sign a contract confirming events as well as their access to their Eastbay package
  3. Prep Dig will register teams in AES prior to all events opening for registration October 1.